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All companies start out with an idea and a plan, and ours isn’t any different. Over a few decade ago in 1988 our founder (photographer & engineer), was sitting at home and thinking about copy stands and ask himself why all of them working ‘Vertically’?

Working with a hi-post vertical copy stand is really hard to check the image through the camera’s viewfinder. Of course, producing the idea didn’t come easy special when there were a lot of huge companies that produce the vertical copy stands, but In 1991 with a new design, a little bit of funding and some sleepless nights to follow, finally start running the first Horizontal Copy Stand with the name of “Track Copying System” with magnetic board in 3 models and also, 2 models of “Floating Mag Board”

In 1998 the new technology start arriving in photography industry and the ‘scanner’ machine was a powerful competitor for copy stands and finally in year 2,000 all the productions stopped.

After a few years of researching and designing, in the year of 2004, we developed a new wide range of KEYSTANDS. At “keystand.com”, we produced a new extensive line for key holders, to help the organizations to organize their keys on over 30 models with different hooks, shapes and sizes. Here is some old designs and the new line available at “keystand.com”.


In year 2016 with searching in the Google, we found the new high-pixel cameras can compete in quality with the scanners special when they need to have high quality digital copies.. For copying with the camera instead of a scanner the photographers need to have a copy stand and all of the copy stands in the market are very big, large post, heavy, and expensive and need a lot of space to store. Finally, in June 2019 we at “copystand.com” start to produce 2 small models of copy stand ‘Mini 300’ , ‘Mini 500’ and later ‘Mini 100’ for the photographers, students and families to save digitally the vintage photos for making the history of their family (Family Tree) and more…

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